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Movie Projects at Summer Lake Entertainment

Three motion picture projects from Summer Lake Entertainment are currently in pre-production mode at this time: (1) Ride to Iron Mountain, an epic motorcycle drama, is now in the development phase for its promotional campaign, casting, and projected budgeting. It will likely be produced and released in years yet future, probably after one or both documentaries are finished. (2) The Search for the Lost Highway, a historical documentary, has been rescheduled for production at a later date. Both are slated for shooting in California. (3) Biker America: God and Country is currently in production, and will remain so into 2017. Its release will be in late 2017, or early 2018.

Ride to Iron Mountain

Ride to Iron Mountain is a planned series of motorcycle movies primarily about the Vietnam War veteran, James Arnold. He has lived a quiet life as a motorcycle mechanic, near Iron Mountain in the western US. His wife Jill helps him with the family business, and they enjoy life there. But James is still tormented by an undisclosed past, from his time in Vietnam. He finds himself unexpectedly targeted by a dark, mysterious biker gang with an occultic edge to them. Only if James can come clean from his past and present troubles, and the riders of Iron Mountain rally to strike back at these evil bikers, will they triumph over the threat of injury and even death to them. Ride to Iron Mountain is an epic motion picture that is not only a motorcycle drama, but a tale containing elements of horror, action, mystery, adventure, history, and the supernatural. Up to seven RTIM movies are planned for eventual production. Go to for more.

The Search for the Lost Highway

The Search for the Lost Highway is a historical documentary in a dramatic setting with the screen character Surveyor Sam, who by accident finds himself trying to retrace what was once one of the great roads in California, Old Highway 99. His efforts to recover this once-vibrant route bring him into contact with some Old Highway 99 historians, who take him on a journey up and down the state to recover the old road. The Search for the Lost Highway brings the viewer into a world of road building that dates from over 100 years ago, when California had only local streets, dirt roads, foot trails, and the Central Pacific Railroad. The three generations of the Old Road are covered in their various extant forms, still visible today. Join Surveyor Sam on his journey back in time, to recover the lost highway that was once the magnificent route of Old Highway 99.

Biker America: God and Country

Biker America: God and Country is a motorcycling documentary set in the western United States, and it showcases the bikes, events, and riders of the American Biker world that is in every U.S. city. This unique documentary covers the activities of American bikers, along with their backgrounds, experiences, concerns, and beliefs. Several rides and rallies are featured, including charity rides to benefit a variety of causes. Biker America is currently in post production, and it covers events honoring our Veterans, rides and services in remembrance of Fallen Heroes, and of our POW/MIA soldiers from past wars. This movie has been released, and all interested riders can go to if you'd like to purchase a DVD (2-disc Blu Ray set) of Biker America: God and Country.

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