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The Search for the Lost Highway: California's Old 99

The Search for the Lost Highway will be a state-wide cinematic adventure, a journey into a distant and yet complex past. Our highway heritage had its beginnings in this seminal road, a project conceived near the turn of the century, and undertaken from 1916 onward. Here are some shooting locations, for this exciting historical film documentary.

Pictured below: a section of the original 1922 Old 99 Road in Red Bluff, before it was paved over.  (Press "F5" if the page does not show to the bottom of the screen).

Old Highway 99 in Merced.

Old Highway 99 in Fowler.

The Old Highway near Beaumont.

A section of the 1912 Highway, near Chowchilla.

Old 99 at the Harlan Miller Bridge (1927) over Dog Creek, near Shasta Lake.